Portsmouth U17/U20 Squad


Designed to ensure continuance of our U17/U20 athletes, creating a natural adulthood break from junior athletics and supporting their transition period to fully fledged senior athlete

The athlete will be asked to sign a contract that will outline the benefits of becoming a member of the squad and the conditions that will be attached

For Enquiries about Joining the U17/U20 Squad please email vice-Chairman@portsmouthathletic.co.uk

To Print the application form for Under 18s please Click Here

To Print the application form for Over 18s please Click Here

Please email completed form to vice-Chairman@portsmouthathletic.co.uk or by hand to Andrew Vincent


All U17/U20 Squad Athletes will be asked to carry out the following:

  • The athlete must compete in a minimum of 6 meetings per year in any of the leagues SAL,BAL,Wessex T&F,AVL,YDL,Wessex League XC or Hampshire League XC plus any regional or national finals.

  • To wear club apparel and or squad clothing and use squad provided equipment at all competitions entered by the club, or requested by the club unless rules or regulations prevent.

  • To thoughtfully promote COPAC at all Open Meetings and opportunities, by wearing squad apparel as possible

  • To conduct yourself in a professional and pro COPAC manner at every opportunity.

  • To show professionalism and respect to all athletes in the club, team managers and officials.


What Will I Receive?

  • Distinctive personalised apparel (tracksuit as shown below)
  • Distinctive merchandise including a Squad sports bag and drinks bottle

  • A Mentor from the existing senior team

  • An informal function where the squad can meet existing senior athletes and the managers of those teams

  • Up to 3 workshops per year on items such as peer pressure, training regimes whilst studying and performance

  • Discount card for Alexander Sports

  • 50% reduction on coach travel to League meetings

  • Eligibility to earn money from Star Track events


Various club organised social functions

Report on U17/U20 initiative Mini Tennis.


Sunday 19th March saw the first meeting associated with this club activity. It was a fantastic turn out (more than 30 athletes) After a short presentation of the ideas behind the initiative, and an introduction to few of the senior club members the fun began. A short break for refreshments (fabulous food laid on by Jean), and the night ended with a group warm down taken by the senior athletes. It would also be wrong of me not to mention the venue and their welcoming staff, a potential location for indoor training next season? Few observations; we now know why Mandy and Steve are such good athletes their drive to win is unquestionable, Jacob and Rhiannon showed that this was not the first time they had played tennis, Maddie needs to see someone about the strange grunt she has each time she hits the ball (Sharapova she is not !!), I could go on but all in all good fun was had by everyone and I felt the evening successfully completed its objective. Now bring on the track season !!!


Portsmouth U17/U20 Squad

Player profiles

  1. Small
    Ben Cross 0114

    Preferred position: Sprints

  2. Small
    Steven Cross 0111

    Preferred position: Middle Distance

  3. Small
    Callum Crook 0110

    Preferred position: Middle Distance

  4. Small
    Lorna Dockerill 0133

    Preferred position: Sprints

  5. Small
    Maddie Wilton 0505

    Preferred position: Multi Discipline

  6. Small
    Sophie Lockyer 0284

    Preferred position: Throws

  7. Small
    Katie Simister 0415

    Preferred position: Long Distance

  8. Small
    Oliver Charlesworth 0093.

    Preferred position: Sprints

  9. Small
    Penelope Batty 0022

    Preferred position: Long Distance

  10. Small
    Sarah Hunt 0231

    Preferred position: Throws

  11. Small
    Mia Billins 0030

    Preferred position: Middle Distance

  12. Small
    Joe Martin 0296

    Preferred position: Sprints

  13. Small
    Catherine Obla

    Preferred position: Sprints

  14. Small
    Bo Sansom 0403

    Preferred position: Middle Distance

  15. Small
    Jacob O'Hara 0339

    Preferred position: Middle Distance

  16. Small
    George Rosam 0400

    Preferred position: Jumps

  17. Small
    Cerys Thomas 0450

    Preferred position: Throws

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