Message from the Chairman 2020

31 January 2020

Message from the Chairman 2020

2019 was a busy year for the club in all the athletic disciplines and I was delighted to present so many well-deserved awards to members at the Annual Awards Presentation at the beginning of the year and, at the end of the year, to winners at the Victory Five Mile Road Race. In between, there was a full programme of events with a high level of participation both in leagues and championships.

Congratulations to the many who won medals and trophies.

Away from competition, there were several items to note. We re-introduced club newsletters, which had been absent for some time. Spring and Autumn editions were published and also an ‘Officials’ Newsletter’. This triggered a dozen members to seek a qualification to boost the officials we can call upon, who, together with coaches and team managers are fundamental to the running of a successful club.

Contributions for future newsletters are most welcome.

It was felt that the club constitution was in need of a review. This took place, with member consultation, and a revised constitution was agreed and is in place.

We also looked at the membership fees and membership categories. These have been streamlined for 2020 and Over 60’s, Seniors in Full-time education and Families with three members will pay a lower fee than in 2019.

A new website will be introduced before the start of the next membership year which commences 1st April and membership fees will be payable by credit or debit card via the website – more information will be sent to members later on this.

The club will again be engaging in all the leagues and championships as in 2019 with one notable exception. We will be part of the newly formed National Athletics League which replaces the British Athletics League and the UK Women’s League, seeing both genders participating together in senior track and field competition for the first time.

The Annual General Meeting has been set for 31st March. An AGM may seem boring to many but this is your opportunity to elect the officers of the club. They, together with the committee, make the decisions on your behalf and it is important that you have confidence in the people holding these positions. It is now over a year since I took on the role of Interim Chairman and it is timely for someone to take on the role of Chairman. The secretary will be circulating the AGM details and there will be ample time to nominate officers and to vote.

I hope that you have a great year of athletics.

Andrew Dunlop