National Athletics League

30 May 2021

National Athletics League

The National Athletics League is a newly formed league, the first national league to combine male and female athletes. The club is delighted to be the host of the first ever fixture of the league on Sunday 6th June.

The participating clubs are:

* Belgrave Harriers.

* City of Portsmouth A.C.

* Marshall Milton Keynes A.C.

* Reading A.C.

Men's Team - Provisional Women's Team - Provisional
A string B string A string B string
100m Gavin Bodrell Jacob Nelson 100m Sophie Brame Ella-May Sprake
200m Jacob Nelson

Gavin Bodrell

200m Sophie Brame

Rebecca Lord

400m Harrison Pocock Enyiayo Odofin 400m Corin Bearpark Emma Penny
800m Ed Dodd Ben Healey 800m Katie Hopkins Mia Billins
1500m Jonny White Toby Roe 1500m Holly Wilkinson Mia Billins
3000m Jacob O'Hara, Paul Navesey 3000m Cassie Thorp Rebecca Lord
S/Chase Paul Cardy S/Chase
400H Steve Kasparis Tony Hooker 400H

110H Steve Kasparis 100H

PV Tom Farres Josh Phillipson PV Claudia Cubbage

LJ Elliot Evans Noah Stocker LJ Ella Hartwell Maddie Wilton
TJ Mathew Galbraith Adam Timpson TJ Maddie Wilton Mimi Nightingale

Tom Farres

Matthew Galbraith HJ Maddie Wilton

SP Andrew Knight George Rogers SP

Heather Cubbage

JT Callum Taylor JT

Claudia Cubbage

DT Tytler Pattison Andrew Knight DT Heather Cubbage Cerys Thomas
HT Stuart Thurgood Andrew Knight HT Heather Cubbage Cerys Thomas
4x100m Gavin Bodrell Maddie Wilton
Alfie Jurd Emma Penny
Jacob Nelson Ella Hartwell
Matt Bartlett Mimi Nightingale
4x400m Ed Dodd Katie Hopkins
Jonny White Mia Billins
Ben Healey Corin Bearpark
Harrison Pocock Holly Wilkinson